Night Storage Heater

Why choose night storage heaters?

Night storage heaters are an inexpensive method of heating your premises. High density bricks within the night storage heater are warmed during off peak power times (normally at night when electricity is cheaper to use, and using Economy 7 off peak costs) and this stored heat is then released during the day to provide warmth to offices and properties. Night storage users will normally recharge their heaters in the evening or during the night. 

As night storage heaters are recharged at an off peak time it makes them extremely cost effective and energy efficient. They also provide a practical way of heating offices where heat is normally only required during working hours; thus saving the business money on heating costs.

Night Storage Heaters From Icon Electrical

Icon Electrical offer a number of night storage heater services to our customers including:

  • Fitting night storage heaters
  • Repairing night storage heaters
  • Replacing night storage heaters

Our Range of Night Storage Heaters

Here at Icon Electrical we specialise in fitting, replacing and fixing a number of different night storage heaters manufactured by a number of night storage companies. These include:

  • Sunhouse Storage Heaters
  • Dimplex Storage Heaters
  • Creda Storage Heaters
  • Elnur Storage Heaters
  • Robinson Willey Storage Heaters

We can also buy in and fit any night storage heater as well as fit and replace existing heaters you have fitted within your property or place of business.

Your Night Storage Heater

If you would like more information about having a night storage heater fitted, replaced or fixed then please get in contact with us.

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